Charter Signing Event

April 6th, 2017

Featured Speaker:

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health


Collective Impact Initiative


On November 12, 2015, at the Glendale YWCA, along with over 150 community leaders and stakeholders, participated in the launch of Glendale’s first ever City-Wide Collective Impact Initiative. “We Own the Health of Our Community” is spearheaded by the Glendale Healthier Community Coalition and is a game changer for improving the health of those who live and work in Glendale.

For Glendale, this means working together to address the growing health risks that face our community. To support the effort, Glendale Healthier Community Coalition (Coalition) members recently received several major grants to address chronic disease in the greater Glendale Community.

Project leadership includes We-Own-the-Health-ParticipantsGlendale’s three hospitals, the City of Glendale, Glendale Unified School District, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, and many others. The initiative helps us coordinate our efforts by coming together as community to accomplish what individual organizations can’t achieve by themselves.

Through this broad based collaborative, our community’s respective sectors and disciplines and those who work in them, will routinely work side by side with common aims, combining our best assets and skills to improve the health and quality of life for all. Population health represents an organized effort to improve health in communities. The health sector works closely with those who plan and build communities, including community development, business, finance, and each organization that strives to improve the quality of life for residents, especially for those who are vulnerable. To be effective in this effort, our community needs to band together, acting with intent to promote the health of our families and our fellow community members. This requires leadership from every sector of our society – public, private, and non-profit.

The collective impact initiative will enlist 100 We-Own-the-Health-Signingcommunity organizations to participate in owning the health of our community. Each participating organization will conduct a review of their mission, vision, and values as well as, specific goals and objectives, to assure alignment with this city-wide effort. As a community leader, we invite you and your organization, to become an integral part of initiating the long-term sustainable change needed to improve the health trajectory of our community.

Join the initiative by downloading and returning your signed call to participate to