In 1993, the GHCC health needs assessment revealed that uninsured children of the working poor were particularly limited in their ability to receive preventative care. Local emergency rooms and school nurses were providing primary care to the children who had no other access to physicians, dentists or specialists. As a result, Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, Verdugo Hills Hospital, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Glendale Unified School District, and the City of Glendale joined together and formed Glendale Healthy Kids.

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Glendale Healthy Kids (GHK) ensures that our community’s children have access to health care and health education. Founded by the Glendale Healthier Community Coalition and partnering with Glendale Unified School District, GHK matches children who need medical care with donated services from physicians, dentists, specialists, Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, Verdugo Hills Hospital, and Glendale Adventist Medical Center. We envision a community in which every child has optimal health. We serve a culturally diverse group of underprovided children, many of whom are foreign-born or first generation citizens, who are either uninsured or underinsured. Because of poor diets and unhealthy lifestyle choices related to poverty, a disproportionately high number of our clients and their families are impacted by chronic illnesses including diabesity and heart disease.

GHK was Glendale Healthier Community Coalition’s original initiative and is an example of how the proposed collaboration can be successful. GHK and its success are a direct result of the community collaboration that takes place through GHCC.

Programs and Services

Healthcare is available to children without insurance and whose parents cannot afford treatment.

GHK’s Role

Work with community organizations to build a comprehensive effort to promote children’s health.

GHK’s Goals

  • Raise community awareness of the different health problems affecting children and adolescents
  • Provide individuals with knowledge and skills to recognize, identify, and address these problems
  • Provide guidelines for health management
  • Help provide safe environments and promote healthy lifestyles for children and adolescents

GHK’s Objectives

  • Provide education and training to childcare professionals, such as teachers, coaches, counselors, daycare workers, church youth workers, scout leaders, etc.
  • Work in cooperation with youth organizations to offer health fairs and seminars for parents and families.

Who Can Participate

Schools, preschools, daycares, after-school programs, boys/girls clubs, children’s camps, sports leagues, faith-based organizations (churches, YMCA, The Salvation Army), dance groups, cultural organizations and any other organizations with facilities or programs serving children.

Currently Available

Asthma Awareness and Management: asthma medications, ensuring child safety during asthma attacks.

Nutrition Education

Health consequences of obesity, food groups, servings sizes and portion control, Nutrition Facts label reading, importance of breakfast, healthful snacks, healthful cooking methods, healthful and economical alternatives to high- and empty-caloric foods, healthful habits. Physical activity is promoted within the context of nutrition education.

Grains 4 Brains

Provide information about different grains and grain food products, health benefits of grains, importance of whole grain consumption, identifying variety of whole grain foods, cooking with grains, etc.

All trainings and seminars are available weekdays, weeknights, and weekends and can be available in English, Spanish and Armenian.

GHK is available to meet with representatives from different organizations and to present further information about these projects.

**All programs are offered free of charge**

Other Programs

First Grade Dental Education Program

Provides oral health hygiene and nutrition information in 1st grade classrooms throughout the GUSD. Introduces children to the importance of oral health and hygiene, teaches proper brushing technique, encourages flossing and rinsing, teaches basic nutrition concepts for oral and overall health, and stresses the importance of regular dental exams. Program is taught by trained volunteers who teach from a prepared curriculum and lesson plans. It is composed of 3 modules, each in a fun and interactive format using puppets, cartoons and oversized dental gear!!

Tots ‘n Teeth

Provides age- and developmentally appropriate oral health instruction to 2-5 year old children across various organizations and preschools in the community. Children take home goodie bags filled with dental hygiene tools, as well as educational material for the parents.

Fit and Ready

In partnership with the AGBU GenNext Mentorship Program, GHK is currently piloting a “healthy living” program targeting adolescents. Through 8 sessions, the program will provide presentations on various healthy living topics, such as healthful nutrition on a budget, fitness, basic cooking, fast food consumption, etc. Each session will be facilitated by a trained expert, and will include an interactive component, such as cooking, gardening or field trip. Each session will also include a career exploration component, where participants will learn of different careers in the Health Sciences fields and paths to career development in such areas.

High School Health Fairs

GHK works with the local high schools to hold a health and fitness fair for 9th and 10th grade students. In addition to free dental and vision exams conducted by licensed professionals, volunteers provide BMI measurements, fitness tests and other topics of interest to the targeted age group, such as dating safety, cyber bullying, substance abuse, etc.