Glendale’s Health Information Exchange: Learning from San Diego’s Experiences

Health and community leaders joined Gwenmarie Hilleary of the Hospital Association for San Diego and Imperial Counties for a brainstorming discussion about how Glendale’s many health service organizations can best come together with physicians, patients and the community to create a Health Information Exchange. The event was presented by Valley Nonprofit Resources and Glendale Healthier Community Coalition and hosted at Glendale Adventist Medical Center on Monday, November 18, 2013.

Through a Federal Beacon grant, San Diego recently created a community-wide system with many partners to implement an HIE.

Critical issues discussed included:

  1. how community clinics, nursing homes and other community providers need to be involved
  2. how to get patient consent for information release,
  3. how to meet the information needs of physicians and other health care practitioners
  4. how to structure and sustain the HIE.


Glendale HIE Task Force Members

Christine Powers, Program Supervisor, City of Glendale

Damion Patrick, Project Manager, City of Glendale

Edna Karinski, Executive Director, Community Foundation of the Verdugos

Janet Cunningham, MD, Director, Family Medicine Residency Program

Sirvard Khanoyan, MD, Medical Director, Family Medicine Center

Bruce Nelson, Director of Community Services, Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Sharon Correa, CIO, Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Sally Shaw, DrPH, Project Director, Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Capt. Vince Rifino, EMS Coordinator, Glendale Fire Department

Brian Gregor, IT Manager, Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center

Jim Croker, Service Area CIO, Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center

Frank Alvarez, MD, Area Health Officer, LA County Department of Public Health

Paul Czajka, COO, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital

Capt. Jeff Ragusa, EMS Captain, Glendale Fire Department

Lynda Burlison, RN, Student Health Services Coordinator, Glendale Unified School District

Lisa Ashton, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy Innovation, Health Services Advisory Group

Media Coverage

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