A healthy community is achieved when the opportunity exists for the highest quality of life to be experienced by every resident.

Every resident of Glendale deserves the opportunity to live in a healthy community. A healthy community is defined as one in which the optimum health of each individual is realized.

Everyone must be allowed to grow economically, educationally, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. This growth should include an appreciation of the community’s diversity, arts, culture, the environment and involvement in the governmental process.

Providing a healthy community must be the responsibility of the entire community beginning with each individual and family and include: local government, social service agencies, religious communities, health care providers, the business community, the local school and college districts, the criminal justice system, the media and families. These entities should work together with individuals to facilitate programs, activities and care.

The goal of becoming a healthy community will require:

  • a safe community
  • fiscally sound programs
  • further development of the volunteer spirit and active citizenship
  • new and innovative thinking
  • preventive and other approaches to good health
  • and an emphasis on collaborative methods

Glendale desires to be a healthy community.